18 12 2009

Hands down, this is probably one of the best trips I have had in awhile. It was action packed from start to finish, and this was my return to the east coast after 3 years! Here’s the day to day breakdown. If you are not familiar with the event here is the trailer!


My good friend Nick picked me up from JFK. Have not seen this guy forever!  I stayed at his insanely large apartment in Brooklyn and rested up for the Redbull BCONE spectacle that was soon to happen tomorrow!

the homie nick, an aspiring doctor haha


I headed over to the Redbull BC One area pretty early to go exploring. I somehow stumbled inside of the venue and saw the Redbull staff setting up. I ran into Krs-one, Kaku, Morris, Thesis, Wing & Skim, Kid Glyde and several other international bboys. After wandering around and seeing familiar faces everywhere,  I went to pick up the Redbull passes at the So Ho Grand Hotel lobby.

On a side note, I  found a dope pizza spot  “Patzeria” that had my one of my favorite pizzas of all time…the GRANDMA Pizza!!! Alot of you have not heard of it, but this pizza uses a different kind of tomato. I highly recommend it 🙂 I met up with a bunch of east coast friends of mine including AtomicGoofball, Domkey, Arlene, Zhang, and Joshua to do a little shopping a few hours before redbullbcone.

Finally, the moment arrived. Luis (roommate), Sam (partner), and I started walking over to the Hammerstein Ballroom from the So Ho Grand Hotel. On the way over, we stopped in the Lobby of the New Yorker Hotel only to find all the competitors and big-time promoters chillen out before the main event. I said hi to everyone and grabbed a few pictures.

Now on to the actual event. There was the longest line in the world waiting to get in, but we all rolled in quickly with the Friends/Family passes when the doors opened. One of the biggest surprises of the night was the Open bar and free food they had for their special guests. It was ridiculous…free redbull beer, redbull w/greygoose, redbull coke w/ 100 proof captain morgan, and Chipotle!!! The competition began with Krs-one presenting all 16 b-boy gladiators to the audience. We got a betting pool going on with our friends and other random people to make the night even more interesting. My money was on Menno but since someone chose him already I put it on Kolobok, that would turn out to be a disaster for me HAHA.  Simply put, the event lived up to all the hype and was definitely one of the fiercest competition I have ever witnessed. I will just let the highlight video speak for itself. So many upsets!

my official pass vip style

Freezing in Times Squares

me and Chamo w/ our redbull bcone lanyards

heading in the right direction, found posters everywhere in the subway

ran into Morris (Flexible Flav) eating his croissants, hmm so that’s the secret lol

quick blurry pic of KRS-ONE next to me LOL

met Thomas! Organizer of “Battle of The Year”

With Hong10 in the lobby

Differ & AtomicGoofball

My friend Arlene going Gaga over Cloud

me and MexOne (owner of Biggest & Baddest)

Redbull BcOne vehicle blasting music in front of the Hammerstein Ballroom

in the venue getting super hype

the crowd

my partner Sam sporting that “Claws Out” look

me and a new friend

chillen with my brother from another mother, GOOFBALL!!

Outside the venue getting ready for the afterparty!

found Alica Han from Cartel Creative!

me and Arlene at the club

found Domkey and a friend of his

bboy Neguin! one of the biggest suprises at Redbull BCONE


I spent the morning recovering from the Redbull Afterparty haha. We left the So Ho Grand Hotel and went shopping around for shoes and hats. As night approached, we began our journey to the Bronx to check into our hostel and get ready for the Fort Apache bboy jam! Let’s just say it was a fun and sketchy experience getting to our hostel hahaa.  It was already super dark and we kept passing places such as “The Jackie Robbinson” Housing Projects, Fried Chicken Restaurants,  abandoned sidewalks, and so forth. It did not help that I was walking around with two WHITE BOYS and we were all caryying bags LMAO! We started second guessing checking into the hostel but then finally found it. We walked in and it was a completely different world, free of the outside gloominess.

So we arrived at the Sky Ballroom Lounge for the Fort Apache bboy jam being thrown by Floorlords and Zulu Gremlin. We ran into Mex One (owner of and Biggesgt & Baddest) with his entourage of people. I was mad hype to compete in my first NY jam and was in search of a partner for the 2v2. Luckily Morris from Flex Flave hooked me up with this beastly bboy from Team Schmetta (Belgium), he went by the simple name of Sam. Anyways, we teamed up and wrecked shop,  we got all the way to the semifinals. I was pretty damn happy especially since this was probably the craziest 2v2 bracket I have ever competed in…Morris & Kid Glyde, Flying Buddah & Robin, Thesis & Lil G, and others.  Sam held down the power & tricks and I held down the aggressive dancing and footwork. I must also mention that the floor was grimey and every bboy in the room thought they would fall to their doom. It took such a long time for them to clean, it was comedy. Big ups to Thesis and Lil G for winning the competition over 5 crew Dynasty.

The jam ended around 2am and none of the cabs wanted to pick us up… I guess since we were in the middle of the bronx LOL. Anyways, we just used the train to get back to the hostel and made it back safely.

Semi-Finalists at Fort Apache! me and Sam from Team Schmetta (Belgium)

The hostel in the Bronx


We left our beloved Bronx hostel around noon and headed out to Central Park where I met up with a childhood friend of mine, Ryan. It was so amaznig to see him since he is practically a brother to me. The day consisted of mainly shopping around with everyone trying to find shoes again.  Later that night, we got a large group and headed out to the Saint Marks area next to NYU. We Pre-partied at this Korean restaurant called BOKA. This place was so bomb, we had korean fried chicken and sake bombs to go along with the food. After all the eating and drinking, we headed out to two clubs in the area and had a blast.

me and the homie Kirby, he’s a big boss dawg now

Ryan (Bmore), Chamo, and I partying it up in Saint Marks

This is the spot! best Korean Fried Chicken Ever

childhood and high school friends!

Group pic with everyone!

me and my best friend Ryan from Bmoreeee


I did my last minute shopping in Saint Marks and Chinatown. I got to catch up with Pippen a close friend from middle & high school, we kicked it at a bar and chopped it up.  Realizing that this was my last night in NY, I definitely needed to go out with a bang. My New York homegirls hit me up and we all met up at Pranna Lounge. This place was off the hook and had two huge floors. The drinks were retarded epxensive though.  Partied and danced with my friends till the wee hours and got lost going back home to brooklyn. Thanks for the great times Bonnie, Tania, and Jessica!

me and Pippen, NY TO LA connection all day every day

me and Pippen, NY TO LA connection!

Taniaaa, crazy girl she is

Reunited with the lovely NY girls at club Pranna on my last night

I missed this girl so much!


Just want to give a big shoutout to Redbull Energy Drink for producing a great event year after year and for the hookup.  It felt so good to be back on the east coast! Lastly, a huge thank you goes out to all the old friends and new faces that let me stay at their place and made the trip memorable. Peace and be on the lookout during 2010…CLAWS OUT and other projects are on the horizon.



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