25 02 2010

I finally did it! After 3+ years, I flew back home to Baltimore during one of the worst blizzards to ever hit the area. I thought I was insane along with the others on my flight to not reschedule my ticket, but I knew deep down inside that everything would work out. I’ll do another day to day break down just like my Redbull BCONE: New York adventure from awhile ago. And so the story goes a little something like this…


Got in around 7am and got scooped up by Ryan (childhood bestfriend). It was so ridiculously cold…around like 20 degrees or something. Here are pictures and a video documenting my early morning arrival, eating Chik-Fila, and visiting my first house.

Back to Bmore

wow I'm really back haha

early morning breakfast!

My old car buried in the blizzard

me and ryan str8 chillen

An Igloo!

After visiting old spots, I was in desperate need for sleep before heading out to College Park so I just crashed at my friend’s house. After the power nap, we got up and visited White Marsh Mall and Towson for old times sake.

After mall hopping, we finally started the drive down to College Park to meet up at Steve and Mik’s apartment. These guys are like my long lost brothers. We managed to get a reunion party going on in the apartment with others and then went out into Bethesda to the Black Fin bar. The spot was completely packed! I guess everyone had some serious cabin fever and needed to let loose haha.

Eating at Wild Wings before heading out

Pre-Game at the Apartment


time flies, Ashley is 21 now!

old school barkada


UNBREAKABLES 3, the main event was today! This was the other major reason why I came back to the hometown area. My good friends Monk & Atomic Goofball were throwing their third edition of the highly anticipated “Unbreakables 3” bboy competition @ George Mason University. It was only right to come through and represent in the 1v1 competition for the $1000 grand prize! There was also a 5v5 crew battle for $5000 that some of my other crewmates entered. Anyways, I give these guys the ultimate respect for putting on an event like this especially since I know how stressful it is throwing a jam. YOU ALL JUST DO NOT KNOW how financially and emotionally draining it is to throw these things, so please give major props to these promoters who are holding it down for their scene such as Monk & Goofball. They are the true MVP’s of the weekend. Here’s some footage and pics of me walking around the jam.

Sick flier designed by Spen One (Biggest & Baddest)

chillen out with the man, the myth, the legend...MONK haha! Unbreakable 3 producer

me and the infamous Atomic Goofball

Now onto the main competition. Here are 3 video clips of my battles at Unbreakables 3.

My prelim round:

Me vs Dice (Space Age, Virginia)

Me vs Gravity (Dynamic Rockers, New York)

chillen with Ryan! Justroc and Just Do it haha

friends came through to watch me compete!

apparently the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) scene is known for their hype crowds, this picture exemplifies that.

Also one of my favorite moments of the whole night was the exhibition battle between two beat killing dancers, IRONMAN (Cab Cru, Maryland) vs MEEN187 (Dynamic Rockers, New York). To make this expo even better, Samo (X-Fienz, New York) called out Ironman during his expo and then they started going at it!!

I also need to give a huge shoutout to ISAIAH (Lionz of Zion/Hostyle Rhythms Crew) who absolutely murdered all night. He’s like the underground monster of the east coast with his unique flexibility/moves. One of the judges, Kwikstep, called Isaiah back up back to the floor after his battle against the Squadron. He commended him and basically told him that he was so unique and that big things were soon to come for him. Here’s some of his highlight footage:

I barely took any footage of the event besides my own, but here are some sick battles/footage provided by Daniel from Strife Tv. Big ups to you brother!

Exclusive Recap Coverage of the whole jam

Brickheadz/Problems Kru/Freakshow vs. United Outcasts/X-Fienz

Frankie (Supreme Beings, New York) vs Palmer (Havikoro, Texas)

FINAL BATTLE: The Squadron (Florida, L.A.) vs Labratz (Virginia)

The Squadron which consisted of dancers from Florida and L.A. took 1st place over the Labratz! Unfortunately, I could not stay until the very end of the event because I had to drive all the way back to Baltimore for a small homecoming party for me in Towson. I was so delirious stepping into B-Lounge but it felt so good to see the rest of my close friends. Such good times! Everything was dancing and getting down. Finished off the night at Towson Diner and passed out.

at B-Lounge!

mik's face LOL


It was a pretty chill day for the most part. Just slept in, went to my old church, and ended up watching my friend Ryan play in this new Filipino Basketball league in Moravia. Really funny coming back to these leagues since I used to compete in them all the time when I was much younger.

New Filipino Basketball League in Baltimore


LASTLY, just wanted to give a special shoutout to the person first mentioned in the blog, Ryan! If it was not for him, I would not have been able to visit or do the billion things that I did while in Maryland. Much love to the homie for always looking out.

L.A. all dayyy

Next time I hope to visit for a little longer than just a weekend. After all this is my hometown and will always be. Biggest thanks you’s to everyone who came out to the reunion parties and watched me compete! It felt so good to reconnect with everyone and just see where I came from. Till next time…



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