5 04 2010

March is always the craziest month for me, and this year’s was  definitely no exception thanks to  Cros1 (Master Mind behind Freestylesession)!!! Cros1 and Dipdive teamed up to bring the first ever B-Boy/B-Girl Flashmob to Los Angeles.  Dancers from all over SoCal invaded the L.A. Live/Nokia Plaza and it was epic. Blending in with our casual clothes among the public, we executed the flashmob as thousands of people  poured out of the Black Eyed Peas Concert at the Staples Center.  We ripped off our jackets after the routine to reveal the “Love what you do” Freestylesession/Dipdive shirts and shocked the public with the energy of our cyphers! It was brilliant and one for the memories. So many random moments from meeting an exact clone of BEN from Supercr3w, performing the flashmob a second time, celebrating Duo and my birthday at the Yardhouse, to Hella Hung humping all girls within sight.

Thank you to everyone who was involved in this project from the producers (Cros1 & Dipdive) to the dancers especially Flo Master for his choreography. This is a big accomplishment considering how all over the place B-Boys/B-Girls can be at times lol. Anyways, I hope Cros is able to work something out through the flashmob. Everyone cross your fingers and maybe Freestylesession will be held at the Staples Center. Now that is next level ish!!

Strife TV Recap Footage:

Ben (Supercr3w) look alike/ Flashmob Take 2

Here’s a pic of about 1/4 of the flashmob dancers!

Group Pic!



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