DJ SLEEPER | My Personal Favorite

15 03 2011

Over the past two years, I’ve been into collecting mixes from different DJ’s and none of them stood out more to me than this guy’s material. I introduce you to the brilliant sounds of DJ SLEEPER. The way this guy mixes is unreal, he will take the most random songs and mash & mix them up and create the most perfect, clever, unique blends. His music greatly reflects his crazy, outgoing personality. Never thought I’d be friends with such a dope DJ. Big ups to Dae Bogan from Shiekh Shoes for introducing me to him.

He just released his newest project “Counting Cavemen” the sequel to his infamous “Counting Lasers” Album. Below you can enjoy his Counting Cavemen Video mixes! These videos will blow your mind with how great they go with the  music. Go do  yourself a favor and watch it now.


For all the latest and greatest with DJ SLEEPER make sure to visit his official website. You can download more of mixes there, see where’s he’s spinning, and much more.

Lastly, you might just catch him spinning at someone’s B-Day Party 😉



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15 03 2011


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